Simone Ortega's PledgePage

Forefront Volleyball Club
(Berkeley, California)

Club Philosophy:

At Forefront, we seek to combine coaches of unsurpassed experience and dedication, highly motivated and unusually talented athletes, and core values that promote maximum growth. We believe that the underlying values that we teach are fundamental to the players' development as athletes, students, and people. Although one of our goals is to develop teams which will compete for national championships, we recognize that the most important lessons we teach extend beyond the gym. It is our mission to blend passion with perspective; to combine love of the sport and intensity with knowledge, integrity, discipline. Here are some of the things in which we believe:

Volleyball should be fun and educational.
One should strive to be among the nation's best and exemplify true sportsmanship.
There is inherent value in hard work.
Everyone should put their own interests second to the team's.
One should win and lose with equal grace, and always playing with joy.
Everyone should love going to practice.
Every time you walk into a gym, you should learn something.
Athletics should complement academics.


One of the big goals this year for the Forefront volleyball team is to win the JUNIOR NATIONAL TOURNEMENT held this year in Louisville, Kentucky. Plane flights, Hotel rooms, food, and tournement fees are pretty expensive to pay for. The NATIONAL VOLLEYBALL TOURNEMENT is a big deal to thousands and thousands of girls across the country. The purpose of this website is to raise the money needed to make it there.